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How to Get Medical Marijuana

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Medical Document Form

You'll need this if you don't already have a medical cannabis prescription in order to register on our website. You can print this off and bring it with you to your appointment with your health care provider. If you need any further assitance please call 250.883.0417

Caregiver Form

Are you a caregiver for a patient who wants to shop our medical sales products? Fill out this form with the individual you care for and email it back to us. If you need any further assitance please call 250.883.0417

Register Today

Have your medical document ready to go? You're ready to start your registration process! Complete registration can take 1-5 business days depending on volume of applicants. If you need any further assitance please call 250.883.0417

Thank you for Choosing First Choice Cannabis!

In order to purchase cannabis products from our website, you'll need either:

a) An ACMPR license to purchase starting materials (seeds, clones or mother plants)

or b) a Medical Document from a licensed health care professional prescribing cannabis.
What is an ACMPR License?

An ACMPR license is granted to an individual by Health Canada who has a cannabis prescription who would like to either:

- Grow cannabis for themselves
- Designate someone else to grow for them
- Grow and sell starting materials to other ACMPR license holder.
What is a Medical Document?

A medical document is a cannabis prescription prescribed by a license health care professional. This document has an allotted amount of dried cannabis permitted per month, measured in grams. When providing us with your medical document, it is important that your health care provider is in legal standing with their associated practice (nurse practitioner or physician).
I Don't Have a Medical Document.

In order to obtain a medical document you'll need to speak to a medical professional. Either contact your family doctor or local walk-in/cannabis clinic. We even have a handy document for you to print out or send to your health care provider of choice to make the process even smoother. *IMPORTANT: Your patient information MUST match the information you provide in your patient registration with us. Due to strict Health Canada guidelines, you will have to re-register to change any information.
Already Have a Medical Document?

Great! You can submit your medical document to First Choice Cannabis by having your health care practitioner's office/clinic securely fax it to our number here:

Already Registered with Another Producer?

No problem! Simply contact the licensed producer you're currently with and ask them to send your patient information to our secure fax number: 1-250-999-7392

Compassionate Pricing:

To be eligible for Compassionate Pricing the patient must earn less than $30,000 per year and meet our required criteria:
 Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency proving a total annual income of less than $30,000. This will insure a 10% discount on all products.
Can my Medical Cannabis be Claimed on Taxes?

Yes. Just keep your receipts and client registration information to give to your accountant at tax time. Find out more here.